Dear Series: Dear Once a Student


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This is initially a speech delivered for the Entertaining Speaker Manual of Toastmasters International. Speech Project #2


  • Draw entertaining material from sources other than your own personal experience
  • Adapt your material to suit your topic, your own personality and the audience

Time: 5 to 7 minutes

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Spare me some of your time

I’d like to share to you my inspiration.

You see, I was brought to this unexpected destination,

as part of a system called education.

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Dear Series: Dear Job


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By nature, I am silent. Society categorized me as an ‘INTROVERT‘. But knowing it, doesn’t make much of a difference, for “I am who I am” despite what other people think of me.

Being a silent person or an introvert has certain characteristics. One is the preference of writing over expressing oneself verbally. Perhaps, some of you may relate that writing has always been a good companion for those who love silence. As I checked my journals, I noticed how my entries have one thing in common – that is the use of personification.

This is the first in my Dear Series. Though, I have written a Poem: Dear Self 4 years ago.

Journal entry: August 31, 2012

Dear Job,

My feelings for you have never been consistent. There are days when I can’t wait to be with you; but there are also times that expecting you brings anxiety I can’t comprehend. It seems like it never felt like home.

I treasure the times when you bring me to places that I have never been to; and introduce
me to strangers worth talking to. photo-1424223022789-26fd8f34bba2 Continue reading


Latest Draft, Last 2012


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After 4 YEARS of not updating this page, I finally had the courage to make some time to visit (take note just visit and not update). Then, I noticed this draft. My heart melted. I wondered why I stopped writing. This has to be posted and shared. Thus, ENJOY!


DRAFT: December 18, 2012

I have been updating my blog in BlogSpot for some time, but to be honest I  still prefer WordPress.

Because in WordPress, I feel like I am part of something – a community of people who can somehow understands me. Never mind the number of visits I get here in WordPress and compare it to BlogSpot. But what I look for is the sense of acknowledgment and then acceptance.

photo-1461773518188-b3e86f98242f (1)I started blogging because I need a place to put my thoughts. I never imagined receiving comments from people on the other side of the world because I saw my Blog as my world alone. But to see other bloggers who are good in words and in how they perceive life encourages me to write some more because I am hoping that through practice I might have a chance to at least write and sound like them.

And then I received my first comment from a stranger. Continue reading

What Mathematics Had Taught Me


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This is initially a speech delivered for the Competent Communicator Manual of Toastmaster International. My Basic Speech 2.

Main objective of Speech 2 is to Organize Your Speech – It requires the speaker to use several Techniques in organizing one’s speech, with an effective opening and ending. The speech should be 5 to 7 minutes.

Never-mind that I am a Mass Communication Graduate for I have always loved math. Perhaps that is because I had a great Algebra teacher who left us five valuable tips to keep in mind in solving math problems which made equations much easier and less a threat.

 Our teacher made us realized that solving equations does not require knowledge alone, for it also needs the right attitude.

Our teacher reminded us with much faith that “It is possible to find X;”

she never failed to let us remember to “Balance our equations first” before anything else;

and to keep in mind that “Right and wrong are not relative.”

When we were having our examinations, I still remember my teacher’s words lingering, the hurtful truth that “Staring at a question does not lead to an answer.”

And lastly we were so blessed to have a teacher who believes that “Efforts merit some points.”

Later on in my life, I realized that there are more to these five tips. Our teacher not only taught us how to solve equations but she gave us the basic instructions in living life. Continue reading


For a change, I decided to try Blogger. But I will be posting only Toastmasters related articles and some quotes on that blog.
Of course, my thoughts will remain written in my scratch papers.

Advanced Speech 2: There Is Only One Story

I chose this particular poem because of its meaning. Right now, I am into this concept of us (as an individual) having multiple stories. And that it is a grave mistake to know a person just by a single story like being poor or being part of a certain race.

As much as possible, I would like to encourage us to look at a person beyond physical appearance, beyond the first impression and beyond on what society has characterized them to be. The more you know about a person’s life, the more you see each other’s similarities. We are after all a human being. So do not put a period in one’s personality. Perhaps (just perhaps) the person that you truly hate is much like you. (to continue)

Basic Speech 1: Who I am – A Case Study

Once upon a time, on the night of September 15, when the world is at war, Gulf War to be precise, my mother is having a war of her own, my birth to be exact. A thousand kilometers from the hospital, it was bombarded with missiles. Boom, boom, boom but my mother was whispering to her womb, asking

“please baby come out, do not make your mama suffer, it’s time to see the world.” 

And then I was born. (to continue)

Poem: Dear Self


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I love night, especially in our place and during this time of the year. It is not that cold but you can feel the wind.

You can hear silence but in those unspoken words you can feel the comfort in everybody’s heart because they are with their families.

I was sitting in our veranda when I wrote this.

It was the wind that inspired me that night and the thought that I am alone looking at the world.


Dear Self

It’s only through wind that you can hear words,

through sight that you can describe,

and through touch that you can impart.

For words are nothing if it has no worth,

so as photos if it has no focus.

Color is a stain if it lacks a tale,

to play with our eyes and tickle our minds.

A line is nothing but dots, instead a landscape it’s just a blot,

if it lacks the myth that gives everything.

So to be a writer, first, make that journey

away from the others and into your (own) voice.

Don’t be sad if you’re alone… Being alone sometimes gives you space to grow… Sometimes it’s hard to grow when you’re too close to someone… Remember that trees are planted far from each other, so they can spread their branches and mature.

(the quote is not mine, just found it in one of my notes)

Filipino Children Stories by Canvas


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I have always admired children stories for it is filled with adventure, innocence and discovery. Last night I came upon this site which led me to a wonderful collection of Filipino short stories. The stories are lovely written with excellent canvases.

It was really an art.

And I would love to share My Top 3 Stories to you. Enjoy!

read in English

read in Filipino

read in English

read in Filipino

read in English

read in Filipino

Poem: Cine sa Jeepney


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I just finished an errand downtown, on my way home and while in a Jeepney I took down some of my thoughts. It is a little rough (since I wrote it here as it is) but I like it that way.

Cine sa Jeepney

The Jeepney drives along the old street of Colon,

and there in the middle of the street sits an old man alone.

Dirty hands, curly hair, unwashed clothes and wild eyes.

People just passes by, do not care, not even empathize.

I wonder how a soul can be just a bygone.

I find the reason in his hands which what seems to be a gun.

My heart beat increases but soon I found calm,

for what was held was nothing but a broken gun.

The old man is having a monologue alone.

He seems upset, furious on the world he regard as his own.

My Jeepney continues to move forward and forward still,

when three kids went inside, kids with certain appeal.

They have ways of a man whose body tiny than ideal.

Coins and change are what they ask for but all in vain,

so off to another Jeepney where they can ask again.

I wonder how innocence can easily be stripped

from these kids whose potential should only be gripped.

But society has done nothing but to discriminate

these children that people wish to eliminate.

My Jeepney continues to move forwad and forward still

until I reached my home, away from this reality film.

The Tell Tale Heart (Toastmasters: Advanced Speech 1)


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(This is initially a speech delivered for the Interpretive Reading Manual (Advanced Communication Series) of Toastmaster International. My Advanced Speech 1)

Main objective of Advanced Speech 1 is to Read A Story — It challenges the speaker to enthrall the audience with a story that the audience isn’t even aware of the reader. The speech should be 8 to 10 minutes.

I chose one of Edgar Allan Poe’s story for this project

The Tell Tale Heart

by Edgar Allan Poe

Aside from the story being a literary classic, I chose this because of the protagonist’s (who was also the narrator) sober madness, which I believe would be an advantage in telling a story. If I could deliver the speech in such a way that my audience would think that I am disturbed and ready for the psychiatric hospital then I could tell that I did my job right.

Another reason is that I am really into vicious, dark and eerie stories. So, if I could get my audience transported to this realm then it would be a good chill for them.

But then, if you can spare a few minutes and haven’t read The Tell Tale Heart of Poe, now is a good chance. The story is full of irony and suspense, also INSANITY for the part of the narrator. (summary & analysis)

You fancy me mad. Madmen know nothing. But you should have seen me. You should have seen how wisely I proceeded –with what caution –with what foresight –with what dissimulation I went to work! Continue reading

Back Home


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Back Home

Sometimes we have that feeling – when a scent, sight or a certain touch of familiarity brings us back. And no matter how many years had passed, you  are that person again.

I had that moment when I visit our home in Saudi. We visit twice a year but this time it was different. I went inside our house with a lucid sense of who I am, who I want to become and who I was. But no matter how much I have changed, I am back to my high school self. All the walls of confidence, self-knowledge and experience that protected me from the dangers of real world are gone. I lose all these protections that I have been creating and let myself be me. I am back because I am home. Continue reading