scratch-papers1.jpg6 YEARS AGO, 2010 (SCRATCH PAPERS)

Thanks for visiting. I am a Mass Communication graduate, whose name came from 3 saints – Mary, Joseph and Augustine, but I’m no saint. Like any other individuals, I’m an addict of books, movies, TV series and anime, but I’m ridiculously obsessed with DRACULA, Agatha Christie and Ube Cornetto ice cream. My weakness are books and our dog – mo.

This blog would be an extension of my thoughts. I know one day I will misplace the notebooks and scrap papers I used for writing. So, at least I have this blog.

Good Day!




NOW, 2016 (Sibol)

Once again, Thank you for visiting.

Sibol is a Filipino word which means “growth”. Sumibol can refer to the country where you grew up or to a place where an idea (or can be anything) all began.

This blog is a form of Pagsibol – a growth of awareness. I have been unknowingly living life – that is doing what is expected, dreaming for a better life and growing to be someone (aside from who I am right now). My sight is always fix towards the future and to the opinions of other people. This thought had kept me underground. I have always been afraid to come out until now.

So, let me share to you my story as I journey growth with much wisdom and awareness.

Lots of Love!


3 thoughts on “AKO”

  1. I thought Ube Cornetto is a person, Ube as the name and Cornetto as the surname. Haha.

  2. gracezylb said:

    haha! DRACULA?? medyo obsessed pud ko ana niya.. Dahil kasi sa ‘The Historian’.. haha!

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