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Last week was a struggle. work, studies, events, sick mother – all at once, in a week. But I was able to manage. Writing these letters kept me hopeful.


Dear Wednesday,

I know I have a lot to worry for Saturday, since my Tuesday wasn’t enough.

But I’ll let Thursday handle the duties for that day; and if it is still not enough,

I hope Friday will be gentle and give me an ample time to prepare.

Because my Dear Wednesday, you have filled today with love, faith, promise and laughter.

With those in my heart, I’d like to say good day!

Hope my today be an inspiration for my dreams tonight.


Dear Thursday,

My apologies, with the unfinished works of yesterday and the unending tasks for Saturday,

I troubled you with a number of things to do.

I hope it won’t overwhelm you for there’s no chance of hoping for Friday, for that day is fully-booked too.

Therefore, Thursday, be strong!

P.S. I can’t wait for Sunday but I am afraid I need to go through Saturday.


Dear Friday,

I hope you’ll persevere.

I know that you have few hours left before Saturday but I need you to persist.

I’ll treasure every minute because I’m not ready for tomorrow yet. Not yet.

I’m not disheartened nor threatened, for I have faith that Friday will somehow find a way – to lengthen the night for this unfinished fight.


Dear Saturday,

You remained strong.

Everything that needed to be accomplished was done.

It was a good fight and it was a long night

Now, it’s Sunday (2 am)

I can let the day pass