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All that remained in the box was Hope. It fluttered like a dragonfly, touching the wounds created by the evil creatures, and healing them. even though Pandora had released pain and suffering upon the world, she had also allowed Hope to follow them.

We all know the story of Pandora’s Box. We know Hope.

Hope has always been a positive word – the light amidst the darkness.

But, Hope can be the most evil of all monsters.

Whenever we are placed in a position of uncertainty, usually we have two options – either to stop or to continue. Majority might say that we have to “hold on”. Difficulty is just part of the journey. You will be exhausted, be mad and unsure of yourself but have Hope that everything will turn out just fine.

When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit.

This is the time when Hope can be deceitful. It might have the appearance of a beautiful promise yet it can also have a repugnant scent of despair. Sad but true.

So one might ask, what to do if we are at the lowest point and Miracles do not come, then be the Miracle. Sometimes, letting go requires a greater courage especially if it is the right thing to do.

We hold on to what is dear to us, what is beneficial for us or what is easy to us. But these selfish reasons make it truly wrong. That is when Hope becomes a monster. I think Hope is made for others. Therefore, the moment we use Hope for ourselves is also the time when we call on Despair.

(Perhaps, Hope and Despair come in pair)