These are 3 things you can get from bathroom breaks.

Recently, I have become more comfortable in sharing some of my romantic stories; simply because, it’s a common question.

An acquaintance would ask, “How young are you?”

I’ll say, “I’m 24.” Then it is followed by these questions “Do you have a boyfriend?” “Are you single?” or “What is your love story?”

Well, I say, “the whole experience was a search for a love story.”

It was November last year, when I made a proclamation. I said to myself “I will start dating.”

checklist.jpgThe first thing I did was get a paper and a pencil. (You see, women love checklist. We make checklist for everything such as, what to buy, what to do, what to read or what to look for.) So, I am looking for someone who is

  • Tall but just enough for me to do this (a tiptoe)
  • Good looking but not beautiful
  • Persuasive but courteous
  • Funny but sensitive
  • Shy but will take risk
  • He should be generous.
  • He should be a gentleman with a dash of mystery.

So I was in a HUNT.

One month after, it was December evening, a guy asked me out. But, I turned him down because of work. I didn’t have time for hangouts. The following week, he asked me again. Then again, I said, “I am sorry but I am too busy.”

A quiet January, February and March passed.

On April, the same guy called and asked me out. His words were “It is summer, there are no classes. Are you free?”

Oh! (I was reminded of my list) This guy is persuasive but courteous enough to wait. CHECK!

Thinking that this might get interesting, I told him “Why Not!”

Saturday that week, he picked me up from our house and drove to an Indian restaurant. He consistently opened and closed the car door for me.

Hmmm … He was quite a gentleman. CHECK!

We had a frank and candid talk about our lives, beliefs, inspirations and then out of the blue he mentioned about his girlfriend.

(Oh… he has a girlfriend, what was I thinking? This has to end.) So I decided to excuse myself for a bathroom break, feeling a little bit pessimistic about everything.

When I went out, he was outside the door, waiting.

Casually, he said “by the way the girlfriend is now my EX. We broke up 3 months ago. It was sad.”

“I’m sorry to hear that” (but in my mind …. It was a Relief!)

We decided to have our 2nd hangout. This time, I chose the activity. We did wall climbing. I love heights while he apparently detests it.  But hey! He said that he is willing to take risk. CHECK!

After that, we watched a movie and had our dinner. Before going home, I went for a bathroom break. All of a sudden, questions started to creep into my mind – will this be a serious thing? Is this a casual date or just friends hanging out?  I like him, should I ask him or should I wait for him to ask me?

When I went out dazed by my thoughts, he asked me, “Can I have your Saturdays?”

After all the questions, indecision and the doubts, there was serenity.

On the 3rd Saturday, he decided to go to Busay.

“Exactly where in Busay?” I asked.

He said “we’ll figure it out.”

Hmmm … He is spontaneous. CHECK!DSC_1744.jpg

We had our coffee from a shop at the hill. We ate corn while watching a cock fight. We enjoyed a zip line adventure. And finally, we had our dinner on the mountain, with the city lights below and the starry night above.

I was able to take a good look at him when I realized that he is the man that has my list.  He is everything that I wanted; and I was bewildered on how simple it turned out to be. No need for hunting for it felt like the universe conspires for me to have him.

With the sense of fulfillment, I excused myself for a bathroom break.

When I went out, I saw the perfect view. There he was sitting alone, waiting for me.

As I walked toward him, I had a thought. You see, there might be a possibility for me to spend much of my time with this guy. I stepped one foot forward (I will be with him not just for a month) I took another step (nor just 2 or 3 months) another step (6 months … perhaps even a year.) Then I froze.

Instantly, I felt a slap on my face. My mind was racing. It’s no longer about the list but on what I feel. (Oh no! I can’t! I cannot! Indeed, He is perfect. He has everything but it didn’t feel right. He’s not my match. He is the dream man but he is not MY man. It was a revelation.)

At that moment, I felt like a runaway bride.

You see life is exciting. It can put you in a spell of delight that you cannot help but allow yourself to sprint in a series of glorious events without even pausing, simply because your vision is filled with your feelings, romance and dreams.

It is at these moments when you have to step back and have your bathroom break – a secluded place for your thoughts. Who knows, your next bathroom break can bring



or Revelation.