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freud.id.egoEvery day I try and I work to observe and understand the people around me.
Much to my amusement, I learned more about myself. Sigmund Freud believed that most of what influences us is our Unconscious Mind
(The home of our ‘Id‘- the part that doesn’t care about the reality, logicality or practicality of the situation).

A month ago, I might have denied this theory and say, “I do not think that way, because To Live by Emotions is To Live in an Illusion.” (I think I am being controlled by my Superego more than The Id and the Ego) But I wasn’t the same person as I was a month ago. I have opened myself more, cared more and loved more. Therefore, I understand people who are driven by their emotions.

Deidre Wallace

Reminiscing the important chapters of my life, most of my major decisions are based on what I felt at that time during that situation; and I never had regrets making those decisions. So, what was my first step? What did I do right?

I just did one thing, the most brave thing – to be true to my feelings. Then, everything just followed, I began to be

  • true to my words
  • true to myself
  • true to my nature
  • true to my faith

It is a great step, to allow yourself to be vulnerable and for other people to see your weaknesses. But it can be liberating!

Now, come to think of it, everything is created in pairs, male and female, night and day, life and death. Their relationship is too close, one can’t live without the other. So as fear & dreams (The thing you dreaded the most is your greatest desire) and strength & weakness (The source of your strength is also your weakness)

It pains  to see people I care in pain, (this doesn’t make sense, it can be illogical) but because I love, I understand. I understand that LOVE comes with PAIN.