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By nature, I am silent. Society categorized me as an ‘INTROVERT‘. But knowing it, doesn’t make much of a difference, for “I am who I am” despite what other people think of me.

Being a silent person or an introvert has certain characteristics. One is the preference of writing over expressing oneself verbally. Perhaps, some of you may relate that writing has always been a good companion for those who love silence. As I checked my journals, I noticed how my entries have one thing in common – that is the use of personification.

This is the first in my Dear Series. Though, I have written a Poem: Dear Self 4 years ago.

Journal entry: August 31, 2012

Dear Job,

My feelings for you have never been consistent. There are days when I can’t wait to be with you; but there are also times that expecting you brings anxiety I can’t comprehend. It seems like it never felt like home.

I treasure the times when you bring me to places that I have never been to; and introduce
me to strangers worth talking to. photo-1424223022789-26fd8f34bba2

I relish the moments when you give me the chance to capture the world in this little frame of mine.

I appreciate the gesture of giving me a voice, even how little it may sound – at least I am being heard.

But Job, there are times when I feel incomplete, unsatisfied, unfulfilled.

I seems like there is a routine in the constant change of places, people and stories. Hearing the people’s stories is an adventure but I doubt if it is a journey.

Is there a need for you to change your ways? You may ask. My response is that I do not expect for you to change for this is just an explanation, a heads-up that there might be instances when I won’t be passionate about you as much as I was before. If this happens, just give me some time and space; and please LESS of the pressures. Be patient, a little gift of life can bring that passion back.

Nevertheless, be assured that you are a Job worth fighting for and a Job that I will surely keep (until further notice).