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I love night, especially in our place and during this time of the year. It is not that cold but you can feel the wind.

You can hear silence but in those unspoken words you can feel the comfort in everybody’s heart because they are with their families.

I was sitting in our veranda when I wrote this.

It was the wind that inspired me that night and the thought that I am alone looking at the world.


Dear Self

It’s only through wind that you can hear words,

through sight that you can describe,

and through touch that you can impart.

For words are nothing if it has no worth,

so as photos if it has no focus.

Color is a stain if it lacks a tale,

to play with our eyes and tickle our minds.

A line is nothing but dots, instead a landscape it’s just a blot,

if it lacks the myth that gives everything.

So to be a writer, first, make that journey

away from the others and into your (own) voice.

Don’t be sad if you’re alone… Being alone sometimes gives you space to grow… Sometimes it’s hard to grow when you’re too close to someone… Remember that trees are planted far from each other, so they can spread their branches and mature.

(the quote is not mine, just found it in one of my notes)