For a change, I decided to try Blogger. But I will be posting only Toastmasters related articles and some quotes on that blog.
Of course, my thoughts will remain written in my scratch papers.

Advanced Speech 2: There Is Only One Story

I chose this particular poem because of its meaning. Right now, I am into this concept of us (as an individual) having multiple stories. And that it is a grave mistake to know a person just by a single story like being poor or being part of a certain race.

As much as possible, I would like to encourage us to look at a person beyond physical appearance, beyond the first impression and beyond on what society has characterized them to be. The more you know about a person’s life, the more you see each other’s similarities. We are after all a human being. So do not put a period in one’s personality. Perhaps (just perhaps) the person that you truly hate is much like you. (to continue)

Basic Speech 1: Who I am – A Case Study

Once upon a time, on the night of September 15, when the world is at war, Gulf War to be precise, my mother is having a war of her own, my birth to be exact. A thousand kilometers from the hospital, it was bombarded with missiles. Boom, boom, boom but my mother was whispering to her womb, asking

“please baby come out, do not make your mama suffer, it’s time to see the world.” 

And then I was born. (to continue)