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I just finished an errand downtown, on my way home and while in a Jeepney I took down some of my thoughts. It is a little rough (since I wrote it here as it is) but I like it that way.

Cine sa Jeepney

The Jeepney drives along the old street of Colon,

and there in the middle of the street sits an old man alone.

Dirty hands, curly hair, unwashed clothes and wild eyes.

People just passes by, do not care, not even empathize.

I wonder how a soul can be just a bygone.

I find the reason in his hands which what seems to be a gun.

My heart beat increases but soon I found calm,

for what was held was nothing but a broken gun.

The old man is having a monologue alone.

He seems upset, furious on the world he regard as his own.

My Jeepney continues to move forward and forward still,

when three kids went inside, kids with certain appeal.

They have ways of a man whose body tiny than ideal.

Coins and change are what they ask for but all in vain,

so off to another Jeepney where they can ask again.

I wonder how innocence can easily be stripped

from these kids whose potential should only be gripped.

But society has done nothing but to discriminate

these children that people wish to eliminate.

My Jeepney continues to move forwad and forward still

until I reached my home, away from this reality film.