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(This post is my insight regarding the famous line of Benigno “Ninoy” Aqiuno Jr. “The Filipino is worth dying for”. I was initially searching about Nick Joaquin but after numerous clicks and a number of websites,’Nationality’ was then in my screen and then whoa-la! I have Ninoy’s famous line. So my question is…)

“Ikaw willing ka bang mamatay PARA lang sa bayan?”

(Are you willing to die JUST for your country?)

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Are you willing to die for your mother? You love her so much will you sacrifice your dreams, youth and life for her? Love makes us do crazy acts because it makes one selfless. Call it compassion or passion but a person in love realized his worth according to those who made him an individual-a human being. It is the moment when a person realized that he is more than who he is, like a huge part of him is a chunk of a greater being, culture, belief or identity and that without it that person is good as gone as well. So only those who understood and felt this kind of love can comprehend the phrase “The Filipino is worth dying for”.

Take note, Ninoy wrote The Filipino, not just Filipino or A Filipino. This is because he is not referring to the land alone nor to the people at that time. He was referring to all that is Filipino. He wrote those words thinking about you and me who will be a Filipino after being born (years after Martial Law) with Filipino parent/s.

The problem is we haven’t seen ourselves as Filipino – that is why we find it difficult to grasp the existence and importance of “The Filipino”.

We assessed ourselves, only to find out how little we know about our history and the people who played it; and then conclude that something must be wrong with the education system, without even the initiative to understand or at least to review history by our own will.

What made Ninoy say “The Filipino is worth dying for?” I for one haven’t figure the whole reason why, most especially relating to our present situation –

Filipinos aiming for American dream

Filipinos deceiving each other

Filipinos wasting time and manpower by drinking and gambling

But I believe it is for us to find out. Is there a better way to harbor action than curiosity? We should all have our own definition for the word because  what is the worth of fighting for freedom and individuality if we ask for a clear-cut definition of Filipino.

I believe there are more good things than bad in Filipinos. A little change in perspective is not that bad.

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Phone conversation I recently had with PayPal’s call center:

ME: “I think I recognize your accent. Is it Filipino?”

HER: “I am sorry sir, I’m not allowed to give out that information.”

ME: “Oh, I understand. …It’s silly isn’t it? The Philippines was and is America’s ally, and yet our peoples seem to individually be kept from knowing each other. Someday that will change.”

HER: [spontaneous amused giggle]