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Little Ralphie and the Creature

Little Ralphie: Acute schizophrenic reaction–catatonic type.

Ralphie hides in alternate realities to escape his unbearable pain.

I find Little Ralphie and the Creature the least interesting of the three because reading it was quite difficult. The author placed the reader in the minds of Little Ralphie (who had created multiple worlds) and Dr. Izzabella (who had too many concerns regarding her patient and her personal life).

However, the ending was worth it. Much of the beginning does not make sense but it is a story that needs to be read till the very end because only then would it make sense-when the last piece of the puzzle was placed.

Despite the difficulty in understanding the first part, I was drawn to the concept – that in the institution, patients do not only include those who were admitted. But the doctors are patients too.

As their patients grow, so as they.

If the patients are confused, so as the psychiatrists who are trying to figure out their sickness.

And as the patients become more aware of the real world, so as the therapist who becomes more aware of the fantasies created by their patients.

The doctors understand the world better because they understood their patients.

Little Ralphie and the Creature demonstrates how a tragedy can bring so much damage.  And because of the unbearable negative feelings, the result will be avoidance of normal activities and behavior – to the extent of getting rid of what makes one human (emotions)

His world was totally different, there was nothing for him to have to do. Free, he was truly free. Even as he existed, the burdens of existence were no longer his. He was safe from need, safe from wishes, safe from losses, safe from happiness and especially safe from misery.

Below are some lines I appreciate

Little Ralphie: There was nothing wrong. So they manufactured frustration-a kind of lingering mood of tension.
Time had ceased to have meaning for him

I cried in reading Little Ralphie’s story. Hope you will appreciate it too.

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