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David and Lisa

David: Extremely intelligent, with extraordinary abilities in math, physics, and chess. He is passionately interested in clocks. he cannot bear to be touched, in petrified of germs and human contact. Suffers overwhelming panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Lisa: Schizophrenic who must constantly speak in singsong rhymes to avoid losing herself to Muriel–her moody, brooding, scowling, silent other self.

Man is by nature a social animal

Aristotle believed and so as many of us, but how about those who are socially awkward, autistic or schizophrenic, would that make them less human?

I found David and Lisa at Cagnaan Booksales. It is one of those stores that sell multiple kinds of books in a much affordable price. You won’t find a “bestseller” book but stay longer and look closely, one would definitely find a treasure.

David and Lisa by Theodore Isaac Rubin, M.D. is a classic (quite extraordinary) love story. * book summary

What I appreciate most is on how it was written. It wasn’t written like a memory from a doctor or psychiatrist about his/ her patient. Rather, It was written to tell a story of two individuals who are schizophrenic. There were less description but more conversation (you will know the character from the dialogue).

In a nutshell,  it was written to let people understand them based on how they see the world.

Because of the book I am able to see more of what David and Lisa were thinking (on the first part which tells their story) and of how doctors saw them (on the second part which provides their medical background).

While I was reading, I can’t help but wonder on how these individuals can be seen by many of us as an outcast or even a freak because of their certain uniqueness without even wondering what is inside their minds or hearts.

David for instance is highly intellectual that we (the ordinary ones) would consider it abnormal. But the book shows how interesting this individual really is.

It is sad to think that somehow standards exist to define our potentials. What is below the standard is unacceptable while above it is abnormal. So, we shall be within the standard because it is just adequate and normal. Thus, standards ended up advocating averageness and mediocrity.

Another thought I got from reading the book is on how we think highly of the praise

first impression lasts

on which, it shouldn’t be the case. we should not change who we are simply because majority thinks this statement is true. ( i am not saying that it is entirely false) but it is a wrong kind of thinking because we have more than one story.

Being schizophrenic is not David and Lisa’s only story. They are teenagers who are vulnerable to the power of love, who are willing to do the unimaginable of changing their perspectives and behaviors because they were in love. So, do not put a period simply because a person left an (odd) impression.

It is totally a different world for David and Lisa and it wouldn’t hurt if we try to see it in their own eyes.

If you are not into reading. David and Lisa is also in film. (youtube)

Below are some phrases, I find worth taking down.

Allan (psychiatrist): choice means just that- choice. When people are not well, much of what we do is done because they have to do it.

Allan: people who are afraid to live are afraid to die

David: if you do a lot of living- then you haven’t missed much when you die

Hope you can find the book because it is really something.

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