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(This is initially a speech delivered as my Inaugural Speech during Queen City Toastmasters Installation of Officers)

Toastmasters: A Love Story

I used to believe that to “live by emotion is to live in an illusion.” And that is to stress to myself the importance of good judgment in making decisions – meaning, every decision should be logical and practical. I should not let myself get involve on things that I ONLY FEEL like doing nor shall I decide on things that I ONLY FEEL is right.

That was my personal philosophy until I met Queen City Toastmasters – my Love at First Sight.

Who ever thought that one could find love online? Well, I learned about the club through its multiply site. At that time, the critical faculties of my mind tell me

“do not be stupid enough to join”

because I was a still student who was about to graduate. So, I had my courses, thesis, internship and other paper works to think about and also club responsibilities that take much of my time. But my heart was beating fast and I cannot think of anything else. “Mao na ni” (This is it) ika nga.

There was this moment when I wasn’t a Toastmaster yet, when the Jeepney I am riding passed beside Pioneer bldg. and at that time I had this peculiar feeling. I felt like I was being called to become a Toastmaster and that instantly I forgot my inhibitions and was drawn to the idea of becoming a member. Crazy but what the heck, Love is Blind (and irrational).

So I joined and became a member. I delivered few speeches and then became the club’s secretary. Everything was moving fast and it was a blast. But then I was challenged, defied not by school load but by my mother’s curfew.

“Be home before 10 PM”

my Mama reminds me over and over and over again. But, I disobey over and over and over again, for a simple reason – you have to Fight for Your Love.

Well, I have to be honest. I was not a dynamic member. Those short-lived attractions faded and there were months when I didn’t attend meetings mainly because it wasn’t my priority anymore. A selfish reason but I learned that it was a mistake.

Nevertheless, I was delighted to be challenged by our Immediate Past President Jan Hilado to accomplish my Competent Communicator during his term. After few speeches, the spark came back.  I fell in love once more. So, it’s true Love is Sweeter the Second Time  and that it Takes Time for Love to Grow.

After a month or two, the faded attractions were then replaced by more enduring relationships. I have to be the club’s president.

Gone were the days when I have to love, want, cherish and seek after Queen City Toastmasters. Now the club needs understanding and devotion.

I may be young but I am willing to learn. Fellow Toastmasters please shape me to a leader that you want me to be.

I am in the process of becoming a filmmaker and in my work, we have interns. During our first meeting, they asked me for our requirements. Of course, they were expecting I’ll say resume or maybe a letter from their adviser.

But I didn’t ask for any of these, I told them that I need 3 things:


Commitment and


If you are interested then you are willing to do anything.

If you are committed then you are willing to do it at any time and at any cost.

If you are passionate then no matter how impossible it may seem, you will do it anyway.

These three I promise to you Royals. I am interested to be your president, I will be committed and I am passionate.

But I cannot do this alone. I need each and every one of you. I need your interest, commitment, passion, knowledge and experience.

Queen City Toastmasters had produced competent speakers and leaders. And they are right here, still supporting us because they know our potential and the potential of the club. They had achieved it (the very best of Queen City), seen it and now it is our time to do it again.

You want to experience the very best in Toastmasters then give your very best as well.

What is the first step? Here is our VP-Education, schedule your speeches.

Here if you want to know more about Toastmasters

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