I am a Filipino raised in Saudi Arabia.

Being born and spending 17 years of my life in a different country is a challenge especially when I have reached my motherland. Questions regarding my hometown has always been difficult. I have understood Islamic Culture very well while I have known my country only through textbooks and films.

After my four years (and still counting) stay here in the Philippines, I had learned and witnessed Filipino culture. Each day I am amaze as I  bear witness Filipino’s ingenuity and blithesome demeanor. Finally, I can say that I am at home.

Nevertheless, my 17 years did not guarantee my expertise on the Kingdom.    This is because the main reason of the stay is to study and to save. I do not have the luxury of a tourist to enjoy and explore the wide Land of Saud.

However, twice a year, I have the opportunity to visit the place (at one time) I called home.

This time, I have the chance to experience the place not as an immigrant but a curious individual who has a land of her own.