Graft and corruption and low GNP (Gross National Product) are not our only problems. Looking at the bigger picture, we could observe the result of global warming; the outcome of our careless scientific and technological innovations; the product of our own selfishness. And with this, we had gambled Earth – our home.


‘We may lose Earth’ is the inconvenient truth. All the stories about increasing carbon dioxide, melting iceberg, increasing number of hurricanes and the frequent and intense heat waves are all facts. And these are not natural phenomenon. The drastic changes in our environment are all made by humanity. Therefore, the environment could only be saved by us as well.

The more I listened to Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth”, the more I believed in Gaia, not the myth that refers to the Goddess of the earth but the idea that our planet is alive in the same way that a gene is selfish.

Consider for example the carbon dioxide and other gases that warm the surface of our planet by trapping solar heat in the atmosphere. It is the same way body fat works in our body as an insulator and traps heat in our body. Both carbon dioxide and body fat stabilize temperature.

However, by burning fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil and clearing forests we have dramatically increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere and temperatures are rising. The same way as we eat too much fat and calories, it decreases the total body water and increases the possibility for a heatstroke.
Another is the Gaia theory in which, according to the movie ‘AVATAR,’ all life and all the material parts of the Earth’s surface make up a single system, a kind of mega-organism, and a living planet. In Havel’s words, “We are parts of a greater whole. Our destiny is not dependent merely on what we do for ourselves but also on what we do for Gaia as a whole. If we endanger her, she will dispense us in the interests of a higher value – life itself.”

And we’re already seeing the changes, Gaia’s retribution for our wrongdoings. Glaciers are melting, plants and animals are being forced from their habitats, and the number of severe storms and droughts is increasing. All these take life.

The next question will be – what to do? Perhaps the answer may be another inconvenient truth that we have to wake up and act. We should not wait for a direct effect when survival may come impossible.

To kill Earth is our own suicide.