I have been reading two books now (A Fraction of a Whole by Steve Toltz and Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman); and both literary works have a PERSONAGE that HATES his family.

The main character thinks that his sibling and his parents (mostly the father) are an EMBARRASSMENT. He would always think of a way or a reason to be APART from his relatives and would always CRITICIZE every movement of his father (Anansi Boys).

I wonder if all sons and daughters think that way too.

The book may be a little exaggerated, because I remember having the feeling of wanting a FREEDOM from my family but NOT in a way that is FOREVER.

There are times when I could no longer restrain my emotions and I could say words and do things that I would regret; however, family is the GREATEST GIFT and the MOST LOYAL ALLY we could ever have.

Speaking of family, we just had our pictorials around last week. It has been our tradition to have photos of ourselves before any member of our family moves to the next stage of life.

So my father had convinced us to cherish the moment when all of us (siblings) are still SINGLE.

Here’s a little video of the photos 🙂