College is the door that opens to greater opportunities. It set certain individuals aside from those who are just satisfied with a comfortable life, meaning acquiring only the basic necessities without risking too much.

College also UNBOLTS a section in our mind that entertains REASONS. Unlike in previous years when we accept everything as flat facts and assimilate the world as how it was presented, in a university however, we learn how to ANALYSE, DOUBT and QUESTION everything there is before we take it in.

Religion for example, has been a great part of every man’s life for it offers PURPOSE in life. Although, along the way, there would always be the time when we ask ourselves whether or not our faith is TRUE. And that is HUMANISM taking its place in our reasoning.

Why create a fantasized divine being that is superior to the creator and then make it the CORE of…pretty much everything?

Putting it that way, I cannot blame the nonbelievers; because it makes the faithful people sounds stupid.

Nonetheless, part of being a rationalist is to know the two sides of the same coin.

Religion could either be the INANITY of believing to something that is not real or the BLESSING of understanding the REAL PURPOSE in life.

So, which one?

If I have to choose then I must believe in something (like a primary belief) in order to make a decision.

This is what I consider,

I have to believe on something that is greater to myself, or else I won’t accomplish anything that is greater to myself.

So, I think I’m really is a born Catholic; stupid for some but a CHILD to the Lord.

In college we learn so many things; and learning usually takes us to our limit, and in those limits we take risks and also DISCOVER OURSELVES. 🙂