Okay. This is the product of being short on ideas to write about. And this also the product of being bold and unashamed.

In other words I do not have anything to write about anymore! So, I look around my scrap papers and notebooks that I would usually jot down some of my intimate thoughts and feelings. Lucky for you I just found one.

And guess what? I had found one. Argh…this is embarrassing but I’ll let you read it.

I wrote this when I was a little bit EMO. I had a crush (guess everybody could relate on that) but I think it was just a one-sided feeling (if you know what I mean). So, to prevent the feeling from getting out of hand, I decided to write a confession/farewell letter to my crush. (you could say “CHAR” if you like)

The letter started like this:

I decided to give up my feelings for you,

not because i don’t like you nor got tired of you.

it is not about you at all.

I decided to let go of love.

Though not forever, just for now.

If you opted to wait,

then, I’ll be the happiest girl that ever lived.

But if you went the other way,

then hope it won’t hurt to ask the favor to call me

and tell me that you are happier with someone else,

for that is enough for me to not regret my decisions.

If I hurt you, please forgive me.

You may know my name,

you may have known my interests and disspointments

but little do you know about my insensitivity regarding my emotions.

I’ll stop here, because really it is SO SO SO CORNY!

But this makes me smile and even laugh because I cannot imagine myself feeling that way. What on earth happened to me to write those words??

However, reading the paper made me realize something – that I’m no poet πŸ™‚