Chain letters could be very annoying, especially when they include the concept of “bad luck” if the  sequence is cut. However, we could never fail to acquire treasures, such as words of wisdom, in one of those chain letters that we receive everyday.

Like I, for example, received an e-mail with a PowerPoint presentation about ANGER and below is The top 5 Advice I Would Treasure Most:

  1. Give people more than they expect

  2. Do not ever make fun of other people’s dreams, love deeply and with passion. You may get hurt, but it is the only way to live your life to the full.

  3. Remember that the greatest love and the greatest success involve the greatest risks.

  4. You can stab a man and then take the knife out, but you will always leave a wound. It does not matter how many times you say sorry, the scars will stay. A wound caused by words hurts just as bad as a physical wound.

  5. Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is fortunate