Dear Series: For 4 Days


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Last week was a struggle. work, studies, events, sick mother – all at once, in a week. But I was able to manage. Writing these letters kept me hopeful.


Dear Wednesday,

I know I have a lot to worry for Saturday, since my Tuesday wasn’t enough.

But I’ll let Thursday handle the duties for that day; and if it is still not enough,

I hope Friday will be gentle and give me an ample time to prepare.

Because my Dear Wednesday, you have filled today with love, faith, promise and laughter.

With those in my heart, I’d like to say good day!

Hope my today be an inspiration for my dreams tonight.


Dear Thursday,

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Quote from a book: The Crossroads of SHOULD and MUST


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Got this book as a gift from a child. The first page made an impact.  I can’t help but share.



All too often, we feel that we are not living the fullness of our lives because we are not expressing the fullness of our gifts.

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If you love books, then this is a MUST SEE or shall I say ‘HEAR’


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Finding a good book from book sale is a TREASURE.

Now, finding a good post online is HEAVEN!

It’s a Podcast from Soundcloud that talks about books.

BOOKSWAP CEBU is a group organized by a number of people who wants to start a movement on loving/reading books again. 

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She said, He said


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She had the courage to open up

He had the courage to take her in

She said you’re confident

He said you’re beautiful

She said ‘ok’ to love

He said ‘ok’ to life

She said she needs some time

He said he needs some space

She said I want to break the silence

He said I want to break up

She said goodbye

He said forever

She had to move on

He had to let go

Pandora’s Box: HOPE


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All that remained in the box was Hope. It fluttered like a dragonfly, touching the wounds created by the evil creatures, and healing them. even though Pandora had released pain and suffering upon the world, she had also allowed Hope to follow them.

We all know the story of Pandora’s Box. We know Hope.

Hope has always been a positive word – the light amidst the darkness.

But, Hope can be the most evil of all monsters.

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Wisdom from a child (#2)


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There will always be that day when you experience the unexpected.

That day when every second feels like an hour.

That day when you have to go through a series of unfortunate events; when you have to let go of your plans and expectations simply because it’s that day.

The day when you just have to … survive.

I had that this week, but a simple reminder from a child made me smile. I found this treasure when I was checking that day’s works.


Life always has a second chance, it’s called Tomorrow

Because of this, on that day, I was hopeful … (for tomorrow)

Bathroom Break





These are 3 things you can get from bathroom breaks.

Recently, I have become more comfortable in sharing some of my romantic stories; simply because, it’s a common question.

An acquaintance would ask, “How young are you?”

I’ll say, “I’m 24.” Then it is followed by these questions “Do you have a boyfriend?” “Are you single?” or “What is your love story?”

Well, I say, “the whole experience was a search for a love story.”

It was November last year, when I made a proclamation. I said to myself “I will start dating.”

checklist.jpgThe first thing I did was get a paper and a pencil. (You see, women love checklist. We make checklist for everything such as, what to buy, what to do, what to read or what to look for.) So, I am looking for someone who is

  • Tall but just enough for me to do this (a tiptoe)
  • Good looking but not beautiful
  • Persuasive but courteous
  • Funny but sensitive
  • Shy but will take risk
  • He should be generous.
  • He should be a gentleman with a dash of mystery.

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Be True


, , , , , , , , day I try and I work to observe and understand the people around me.
Much to my amusement, I learned more about myself. Sigmund Freud believed that most of what influences us is our Unconscious Mind
(The home of our ‘Id‘- the part that doesn’t care about the reality, logicality or practicality of the situation).

A month ago, I might have denied this theory and say, “I do not think that way, because To Live by Emotions is To Live in an Illusion.” (I think I am being controlled by my Superego more than The Id and the Ego) But I wasn’t the same person as I was a month ago. I have opened myself more, cared more and loved more. Therefore, I understand people who are driven by their emotions.

Deidre Wallace

Reminiscing the important chapters of my life, most of my major decisions are based on what I felt at that time during that situation; and I never had regrets making those decisions. So, what was my first step? What did I do right?

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Dear Series: Dear You


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Metamorphosis. I never believed the gravity of that word until I had my own process of change. I thought I knew myself. I have been faithful. I was good. I had a plan. But, I was solely focused to  “I“. It was January 27, 2016, when the first day of my metamorphosis began. I attended the GDC ASIA 2016. The message of Dr. Ravi Zacharias and Dr. Samuel Chand had ignited the fire that burned the concept of ‘self‘.  Below was my journey (towards realization)



I have a confession.

I never had any love relations,

Because I kept love as my possession

And this is the reason

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